PNCT Intermodal Rail Head

  • 4 Intermodal Rail Spurs of 2,500 feet each.
  • 10,000 feet of operational rail track.
  • On-Dock Rail: The Corbin St. Bridge connecting Port Newark Container Terminal directly with the PNCT Intermodal Rail Head increases supply chain velocity.
  • PNCT Intermodal Rail Head is the only exclusively operated rail operation by a marine terminal in the Port of New York/New Jersey.
  • PNCT moves 25% of its overall volume via Rail, the highest in the NY/NJ Port Complex, eliminating hundreds of thousands of truck moves off the region's Highway/Interstate system while reducing carbon emissions.
  • Full US Unit Trains of 10,000 feet arriving and departing DAILY.
  • EXPORTS - Eastbound Trains depart for PNCT via Syracuse at 21:00 SUN-FRI.
  • IMPORTS - Westbound Trains depart PNCT for Syracuse at 19:00 SUN-FRI.

Rail Work Order

Origin/Dest. Transit Time Service Freq.
Chicago 57 Hrs 7 Days/Wk
Columbus 59 Hrs 4 Days/Wk
Detroit 86 Hrs 4 Days/Wk
Cleveland 41 Hrs 4 Days/Wk
Kansas City 106 Hrs 4 Days/Wk
St. Louis 85 Hrs 4 Days/Wk
Buffalo 57 Hrs 3 Days/Wk
Cincinnati 83 Hrs 3 Days/Wk
Louisville 62 Hrs 3 Days/Wk
Stackbridge 57 Hrs 3 Days/Wk
Montreal 57 Hrs 3 Days/Wk