Transaction Requirements

Transaction Requirements

In order to process any transaction (Receiving and/or Delivery) at PNCT, please note the requirements below. Failure to comply with these requirements will cause delays and lead to potential and/or additional fees.

Driver/Truck must have valid Sealink card, TWIC card and RFID tag

Motor carriers with any issues relative to RFID tags can contact:
Port Truck Pass (PTP) Help Line at 1-866-758-3838, or PTP web-site address:

Please ensure that you do not idle your truck for more than three (3) minutes when stopped. Always turn off your truck when not occupied.

  • Valid Booking Number
  • Container Size (Length/Height) and type
  • Check Status (demurrage/holds, etc) on Containers 973-522-2225 Clear demurrage, Guarantee Containers or any fees contact 973-522-2239
    • Container Number
    • Bill of Lading Number
  • Export Booking Number
  • Container Size (Length/Height) and type
  • Proper Hazardous Cargo Documentation
  • Titles of cars
  • Over Dimensional Measurements
  • Reefer Commodity and Temperature
  • Container Size (Length/Height) and Type