FLEX Services

Introducing the PNCT FLEX Services Program

Created and offered from feedback collected from the greater Port community, PNCT is introducing a new pilot we call our "FLEX Services" program. It will be available to all truckers on a 100% voluntary basis. Simply put, if our "FLEX Services" program can help you with YOUR customer, we now offer it to you, OUR customer.

Our goal is to help you handle unpredictable or changing requirements from your customers, save you money and/or time, and give you the choice whether or not the "FLEX Services" program can help solve these issues for you. It is a completely voluntary program.

***For Beneficial Cargo Owners or Distribution Centers, our "FLEX Services" program can help you meet dynamic timeframe or appointment needs for your supply chain.

***For Truckers, our "FLEX services" program can help you deliver a personalized and specific outcome to your beneficial cargo owner customer.

***The PNCT "FLEX Services" program options can be selected and paid for easily on your mobile phone or office/home based computer.




  • Become the first set of trucks serviced when PNCT opens at 06:00.

  • Only 50 slots are available each gate day.

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  • Need to pick up or deliver a reefer after PNCT's reefer cutoff time of 4:30PM

  • This service allows just that!

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