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About TOS Web Portal

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You can access a wide range of online queries and reports via our easy to use java based Community Access Portal application. Recommended for truckers, freight forwarders, Agents and brokers. This service allows you to perform quick and easy inquiries on and set alert notifications

  • Import Container(s) Availability
  • Release Status (Customs/Freight)
  • Holds Status (Terminal/Government)
  • Set Alert Notifications via Email
  • Online Payment for Demurrage and Non Demurrage Fees
  • Demurrage Calculation
  • VGM Status Inquiry
  • Export Booking/EDO Inquiry
  • EIR Reprint
  • Container Move History
  • Vessel Schedule

PNCT Web Portal/Online Payment

The TOS Web Portal (TWP) allows the terminal to communicate with trucking companies, brokers and other parties. Create a user login account to access
TOS Web Portal.

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PNCT Mobile with FLEX Services

Mobile access(as well as website) will provide you with valuable information regarding Import and Export Cargo, Gate Activity and Vessel Schedule. TWP Mobile does not require user to have a login account.

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User LOGIN and Sign Up instructions:


You can check to see if an import container will be available for pickup.

  • Import Container Inquiry can be performed by Container Number or BL number
  • User can inquire on single or multiple Containers or BLs
  • Import Container Inquiry provides user with container availability status based on various hold conditions (Customs, Freight, USDA, Terminal and Carrier hold conditions)
  • From the INQUIRY menu tab select CONTAINER AVAILABILITY
  • The system will prompt you to inquire by Container or BL number
    • Enter single container or BL number in the entry field or
    • Enter multiple container or BL numbers in list field (select +)
  • Click the Go button to submit
  • Import Container availability summary will appear

You can register for an availability notification for when container is ready for pickup.

  • Result of a CONTAINER AVAILABILITY Inquiry allows user to register to receive email notifications regarding cargo status
  • The following notifications are available:
    • Availability
    • Exit Gate
    • Enter Gate
    • Vessel Discharge
    • Vessel Load
  • Notifications will be sent to users registered email address
  • System allows users to check status of notifications, update reference numbers or cancel notification requests
  • From the result of a CONTAINER AVAILABILITY Inquiry user can select single or multiple containers to register for notifications by selecting containers from the summary result
  • Select radio button from Request Notification form above
  • Click the Request button to register
  • Select REVIEW NOTIFICATION from Inquiry menu to manage registered notifications

MultiTrack link allows users to enter multiple Import Containers, Bills of Lading or Booking/EDO numbers for status information.
User can also register for Vessel Discharge and Load, Gate Enter and Exit and Availability Notifications for multiple containers.

You can check status of bookings or EDOs.

  • Users can inquire by single or multiple booking or EDO numbers
  • Booking inquiry provides users with booking information status, including the vessel, start and cutoff dates, container summary and details
  • From the INQUIRY menu tab select GATE EIR to reprint
  • The system will prompt you to enter Container or Chassis number
    • Filter options are defined by date range and move type
    • If date range is left blank, then all EIR records will be returned
  • Click the Go button to submit
  • Gate EIR details appear and user can reprint EIR

Select MAKE PAYMENT menu tab to get demurrage and hold information, make demurrage payments or calculate and pay future demurrage amounts. See TWP Online Payment Instruction to make a payment.

Disclaimer: Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided in report and inquiry results, we are dependent on information from our customers and other sources and there are occasionally sudden changes (real-time) over which we have no control. PNCT, therefore, accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracies, errors, or omissions contained in the report and inquiry results.

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Please call or email Customer Service to clear demurrage/fees or if you require further information: 973-522-2239